Republicans Try to Shoot Down the House-Approved $2K Stimulus Check

Senate Leader McConnell looked uneasy when he was forced to openly act out his role of being the “Senate Grim Reaper” by blocking the $2K Stimulus Check Bill. The Kentucky Senator earned the moniker and in fact relished having the power to block or refuse to call for voting nearly all important legislations proposed or passed by Democratic lawmakers.

This time however, he is unable to enjoy the role because Trump, for whom he showed much loyalty before the latter was voted out in November, had threatened via a tweet that

”Unless GOP (Republican) Senators had a “death wish,” they should approve the $2K Stimulus Check Bill passed by the House of Representatives”

The turn of events have taken many Republican lawmakers by surprise when Trump, in the remaining days of his presidency, suddenly called for the increase of the stimulus check from $600 to $2,000. The request was rather unexpected as during the months of negotiations , the Republican lawmakers strongly opposed the $1,200 amount originally pushed for by the Democrats. All the while, the GOPs thought Trump would give them a pat on the back for keeping the amount down to $600 instead of $1,200. .

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Voiced Out Reason Why They Do Not Support the $2K Bill

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey sides with Senate Majority Leader McConnell, calling the $2K stimulus check bill a bad idea. The Pennsylvania senator believes that the government should not be sending out a large sum to millions of people who have not lost income, which he made clear as those who lost income from running a business.

In fact, Toomey stated that money should go instead to businesses that have been hit hardest, specifically those in the hospitality, entertainment and restaurant industries.

Apparently Toomey does not see the millions of people who lost income from losing their jobs as deserving of more economic assistance. He is even blind to the fact that in losing their regular source of income, more so now that the unemployment insurance benefit expired last Dec. 26, millions more are lining up at food banks just so they could have food to provide for their families.

Toomey wants to save businesses that are also finding it difficult to survive because there are not enough consumers coming in. Even middle-income American consumers have nearly, or have already exhausted their savings. Some others have already maxed out their credit card limits. As a matter of fact, many have to look at every lending option available in order to find the best personal loan provider that can give them the most workable credit card relief.

It’s obvious that GOPs like Senators Mitch McConnell and Pat Toomey have points of view that are not necessarily centered on helping people during these times of health and economic crises.

Why Trump is Now Pushing for a Larger Amount of Stimulus Check for the American People?

Apparently, Trump is also under pressure from his MAGA supporters to raise the amount to as much as $2,000. That is considering that he has been asking them to continue donating to his campaign funds even after the Nov. 03 elections. Trump’s reason for soliciting more donations is to provide legal funds for the lawsuits filed to overturn the election results in his favor.

Actually, much of the money will be used to pay Trump’s unpaid campaign bills, as indicated in fine print in the emails soliciting for post-election donations.

However, since most of Trump’s big donors are no longer giving him financial support for a losing battle, Trump is now relying on the millions of people making up his voter base. It’s but natural for Trump to give them something in return, as they are ordinary people who are also suffering from the economic depression brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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